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Customer: MasterCard

MasterCard Virtual Cup

Advergame with augmented reality


MasterCard, the main sponsor of the Copa America 2011, hired us for the development of an advergame for the Trophy Tour campaign: an interactive installation that takes a photo of the user with the Virtual Cup (the Copa America 2011 trophy) through augmented reality. The facility initially will cover 5 cities where the competition will take place, then move to another stage in Chile and other countries. The game is connected to the MasterCard brand and Copa America, and oriented to all audiences.

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Customer: Pampers & Mobile Tonic

Splish Splash Fun

Advergame for iPhone and iPad


Pampers, through Mobile Tonic company, hired us for the development of an advergame for iPhone and iPad, which simulates a bathtub full of water where you can play with rubber characters that float on it. The behavior of water is influenced by rotating the iPhone / iPad. The game is linked to the Pampers brand, targeting children aged 1 to 8 years.

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Customer: LoJack & Publiquest

LoJack 360

Virtual ski simulation


At the ski center Cerro Catedral (Bariloche, Argentina), Cerro Bayo (Va. La Angostura, Argentina) and La Hoya (Esquel, Argentina), LoJack offered skiers the possibility of having a GPS for their safety. As an extra service, they offered a simulation of where the person skied.
LoJack, through Publiquest, hired us for the development of a 3d video game, that imported the GPS data gathered by the skier, showed the path he made in a virtual simulation, and included performance metrics such as speed, distance traveled, etc.

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